CREA CasaREAttiva

CREA is introducing a new business model in the building retrofit market which is based on a turkney retrofit service managed by a general contractor connected directly to the producers and the final users.


CyberFed is a European start-up, producing extremely innovative professional applications for drones. Taking a cue from the cybernetic theory of self-regulation and machines transmission of information, the company aims to help private and public enterprises to increase their productivity and security, reduce the costs and pollution and improve people's lives.

Dexsa Tech Srl

Dexsa Tech designs and builds advanced domotic systems that make energy use efficient  in indoor enviornments.


Dotmatic designs and installs renewable energy systems from geothermal to solar thermal, photovoltaics and wind turbine.

Eco&Bio Energy Research Srl

This technology has it's roots in the prime-source renewable energy sector closed loop "Cradle to Cradle".

The principle is that industries have to preserve and valorize ecosystems and biological circles of the nature while maintaining productiveness. It's an environmental vision applicated on industrial and social dimension creating systems both efficient and performant but essentially environmentally compliant. The model is a "life cycle development" with positive social, environmental and economic outputs.


Eco-Sistemi provides innovative solutions for sustainable management of water resources, especially for purification of wastewater from urban areas, food industry and farming. Their solutions are especially useful in water treatment, reuse and use reduction in communities that are far from treatment plants and sewage systems. The company also develops plans for managing and upgrading existing treatment plants for cities and private companies.


Ecobnb is is the intersection between travelers and responsible hotels that are investing in a better future. It's a journey undertaken to change the way we travel. To nurture a network that will thrive on the kind of tourism that respects nature, the economy and the local communities.


Renewable energy producers can not self-consume everything. They have to sell their overproduction and they waste a lot of money. Ecogriddy solves this problem with the GridBox, a device that connects the power plant to the Internet. It collects data from sensors and sends them to a cloud based software. 


100% fashion creativity in upcycling and recycling using new texiles casted aside by Italian fashion factories or garments out of use.

The garments produced by Ecologina are artisanal and either unique or made in very small quantities qualified by an accurate choice of materials and details.

Ecologina empowers life and dignity to textiles surpassing the idea of an impersonal and disposable fashion, and is rigorously Made In Italy!


The idea of Giorgia D'Annibale is to provide advisory services to film production companies, in order to improve their sustainability and obtain sustainability certification. The enterpreneur is adopting best management practices and certification systems such as BS8909.

FBI Football Identity

Football Identity aims to provide the card companies with tools and services to enhance the relationship with their affiliates. This platform supports access to services via web browsers and smartphone applications and uses an innovative token for user identification. The services offered are:

Garibaldi Armando

The idea of Armando Garibaldi, and there is already a patent, consists in a valve for energy-saving for traditional two-panel radiators. Most commercial and residential buildings provide heat using radiators that circulate water heated by a boiler, so that energy is consumed by the heating process as well as by the circulation pumps. Garibaldi calculates that his valve could save an average of 50% compared to typical fuel consumption.

GLAZ. di Alessandro Zuanni

Development of an integrated and synergic solution for implementing outdoor and indoor upgrading works on existing building by means of  high-performance energy shells capable of containing the new plant equipment and at the same time of re-modelling the building shape. This solution allows the existing building shell to be partially or wholly maintained, conferring a contemporary architectural look to the building itself while, in addition, improving the quality of the shell. 

Green Code

Green Code is a company dedicated to the development of environmental technologies. Backed by a strong multidisciplinary component, the G-code products are the result of the union between traditional strategies and hi-tech disciplines, such as biochemistry and environmental engineering.

Green Pear

Green Pear designs and builds technology  systems for monitoring energy consumption of residential and small commercial buildings. The main feature of these solutions is the identification and reduction of energy inefficiencies in a simple, low-cost way.

Green Prefab

Greenprefab is elaborating a management system for the life cycle of products in the construction branch. The platform, developed by the company and based on cloud computing, allows projecting and construction of a new generation of sustainable and prefabricated buildings.



Winner of the Best Company prise in the competition "A new social wave" Idea TRE60.

Green4Life provides economically beneficial and sustainable solutions to the problems of high petrolium prices, climate changing gases, and overconsumption of water: microalgea production.


The company provides services and consulting in eco-design in areas such as ecosustainable architecture and urban design. It also designs and markets of ecosustainable products and publishes books on green economy and similar topics.

GRETELIT (GREen TEchnology Lab ITalia)

GRETELIT is a research center focused on radical approaches to green building: the exclusive use of natural materials.

HTC Bio Innovation

HTC Bio Innovation promotes the use of an innovative and sustainable technology, simple to be implemented, to directly convert wet lignocellulosic residues, in a solid material (called Greenpeat), which can be utilized as a soil improver. In particular, the Greenpeat improves the plants growth and reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and water, in full agreement with the European concept of Circular Economy. Greenpeat is a carbonaceous material with a high adsorbing capacity, able to enhance the microbial activity in the soil.