Winner of D2T 2015

Alessio and Fabio Antonelli have invented Skiamo, a web platform and application for the management of the online booking of skiing lessons including several functions: from the payment online to the management of the agenda of ski-schools (48 only in Trentino, 402 in Italy) who can personalize the platform up to a customer satisfaction feeback.


Smart Districts works in the areas of design, development and sales of software and Web apps for Mac OS X and iOS for residential domotics.

Takta Sharif Corrosion of Hadi Beirami

Corrosion is a phenomenon of degradation of materials that produces a great impact from a social, environmental and economic point of view. Today, concrete is the most widely used building material in the world. In the Trentino region corrosion of concrete structures is very important, because deicing salt is used on roads especially in the winters. Based on new researches, the methods previously used do not give sufficient guarantees and we must provide sufficient protection for these structures.

Our Goals during this entrepreneur are as follow:

Trehus S.r.l

Trehus works in the are of production, construction, sales, and distribution of energy efficent buildings made mostly from timber. 

Vegea ltd.

VEGEA has started in January 2016 as a company for the production of innovative vegetal materials.

The VEGEA product is an innovative plant material obtained through a special treatment of fibers and oils contained in the marjoram: a totally natural raw material made up of skins, seeds and rasps of grapes that are obtained during the production of wine. 

Veronagest spa

With its top-notch portfolio, Veronagest represents an independent Italian player among the market leaders in the field of wind and solar energy. The value chain in the renewable energy sector goes from development to financing, from engineering to manufacturing, from maintenance to electricity selling. With regard to the development of new activities, the company boasts a network of partners scattered across the whole national territory, with direct employees in Southern Italy who are in charge of the continuous relationship with local developers.


veve km0 is a new appliance which allows the production of vegetables to anyone because it’s controlled individually in a space of only 1 square meter.


volver is an upcycling and recycling company that refurbishes furnishings, applying creativity and craft to give new life to their old purpose or repurposing them for other functions.


It is an innovative startup based in the Greenhouse of Progetto Manifattura, focused on the implementation of technological applications and solutions with a strong environmental and cultural awareness.

YSY Company

YSY Company is working on a new brand of ecosustainable clothing 100% Made in Italy. The idea stems from the enterpreneur's work as a manager in stores for young people's clothing in Italy and abroad.

The enterpreneur's sensitivity to environmental thees pushed her to create a brand that uses only ecologically sustainable fabrics and dyes.

Zeoform di Alessio Gamba

Zeoform is a 100% biodegradable material composed only of cellulose and water fibers; the patented process converts cellulose fibers into a versatile and durable material that can replace plastic, wood, resin glass and other materials; a perfect solution for the growing hemp industry, high-fiber crops and the recycling of cellulose materials in full compliance with the principles of circular economy.

Zocchetti Enrico

Design and construction  of cardboard furniture for commercial purposes or kindergartens/primary schools.