Imprese is a web portal that creates direct contact between farms and consumers interested in thoughtful consumption, creating local value, purchasing local products, and knowing the origin of products.



iGreenGo - Adapt EV

In our cities and in our countryside there are many environments of high naturalistic, landscape and historical-cultural value, usable only by the owners (eg: monumental garden of a stately villa, internal courtyard of a house in a historic village, vineyards with fruit trees, a beach apparently inaccessible).

Il Cerchio Vivo

“Il Cerchio vivo”(The Live Circle) is a feminine cooperative that has 3 members: Monica Gasperini, Giovanna Zenatti, Lidia Chini. 

The company has been pre-incubated in Greehouse at Progetto Manifattura and intends to have a positive impact on reducing the environmental impact of disposable nappies by developing a rental and washing service of disposable nappies with delivery and home delivery, addressed to both private and Facilities such as nurseries and RSA.


Indea designs and develops innovative technological solutions regarding sustainibility and renewable energies, and more specifically residential systems rationalizing thermic energy and self-produced electricity. This in order to reduce (and sometimes eliminate) the use of fossil fuels.

Is Clean Air

ISCLEANAIR is engaged in improving the quality of air people breathe every day. In order to achieve this goal, it has launched into the market a product called APA (Air Pollution Abatement). 


ISCLEANAIR is engaged in improving the quality of air people breathe every day. In order to achieve this goal, it has launched into the market a product called APA (Air Pollution Abatement). 

Italian Stories

(i) is aims to create a marketplace that matches global supply and demand of high quality and eco-sustainable Italian artigianal goods. The projet will create an e-commerce platform that goes beyond a mere storefront for products to tell the stories of the artisans and the places things are made. It provides a way to buy products, but also deepens knowledge of the places where the products are made.


LoveThePlanet is the first network of Italian companies totally dedicated to sustainability. It represents a landmark for all those organizations, both public and private, which are developing and implementing new decisional and behavioural models in order to sustain sustainability and try to reduce the impact of human activities on the eco-system.

Microx srl

MICROX is an innovative start-up deals with the development of microfluidic lab on chip (LOC) technologies applications to environmental and energy sectors. LOC microfluidic technologies are based on the construction of portable microdevices, reliable and accurate that allow to carry out analyzes and measurements of chemical, biological and environmental parameters at a microscale. These technologies are collecting great interest for their applications in environmental and energy sectors.


MobiRev creates and manages a platform for eco-sustainable transporation that makes it easier to use public transport services. The platform lets you plan your trip using a variety of transport and lets you purchase tickets using a mobile device.

Moretto Andrea

Andrea Moretto's project arises from the idea of recycling and reusing recovered and ecological materials; he is inventing a new concept of reusing materials - recycling -, the use of ecological materials - sustainability - and the value of unique objects - luxury


MOVEE is an experimenting an indoor smart ventilation systems, by developing a smart platform based on video acquisition and recognition that identifying and interpreting,  through an algorithm, environmental data in order to supply the correct quantity of air flow for heating or cooling to indoor spaces. Thus, thanks to the expertly designed actuation systems, MOVEE rationalizes the use of mechanical ventilation adapting its functioning to real needs.

MPD di Danilo & Paolo Minotto

The aim of the project is the manufacture of house modules or building shells with innovative and sustainable materials, such as PCM- Phase Change Materials. The application of a few millimetres of PCM on walls, floor, ceiling and roofing, instead of using traditional building materials such as concrete and bricks, creates intelligent passive barriers which ensure the following:

Muteki Energy Srl

Muteki Energy is an Italian designer and producer of LED illumination systems for internal, external, and industrial use.


MyHumus is a blog talking about environment and ecology. But it is also a journey among people and realities of the Italian territory.

Nanomnia srl

Nanomnia is an innovative startup enterprise operating in the nano and microtechnology field. Nanotechnologies play the role as fundamental driver for technological innovation and growth, and are widely recognized as key enabling technologies leading to a wide range of innovative industrial applications. 


Innovative and simple solutions for environmental monitoring: the use of these instruments allows the monitoring and the safeguard of vegetal productions in every sector, maximising the profitability.

The company modifies following its proper or its client's input the photocameras available on the market to enable them to produce immages in false colours (infrared and infrablue).


Network is an international research & development institute with special attention for matters connected with sustainable energy, energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. The company also carries out energetic audits, network-flow-studies in many fields like internet, social networks up to electric nets, and is numbered among important international organisms like GSE, Enel and CNR.

NeveXN Srl

NeveXN builds and leases vacuum heat pumps that use biomass and solar energy to produce artificial snow at temperatures above 0°C. The systems can also desalinate water or be used in refrigeration and air conditioning.


The "NewCold" is the one generated with extremely low consum and with respect for the environment. It is according to this principle that NewCold is offering a monitoring system smartly modulated for the consum of industrial refrigeration plants saving from 10 to 20 % of electricity and obtaining in the meantime proportioned lower carbon emissions.